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    Albuquerque Center - ZAB

    ^I'm curious as well, I have a month left here.
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    New ATC Pay Scales!

    are the numbers excluding or including locality?
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    6/13/2014 Enroute

    I guess I should post up, I got a call short notice for this class since someone backed out (Got the call yesterday). I'll be there Thursday night, staying at kim's. Looks to be about 10 of us in the class, see you guys there.
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    TOL email

    ^likewise here, got ZAB and finished all the medical/background jazz over a month ago, still no word here either.
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    TOL email

    Well someone on here posted the other day saying he emailed his rep about a redirect, and 2 weeks later he got his FOL with the redirect indicated. Other than that instance, yeah seems to be that everyone is getting shut down :( I just want my beloved ZHU! But I'm happy with what I got.
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    05/16/2014 Enroute

    Congrats on the class date Foggy!
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    What's Up Guys!

    ^we were gone by then man.
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    TOL email

    Received mine 4 days ago. I'm not sure if people were misinterpreting what HR was saying or what, but the info that myself and a few others got is that another batch was going out between late last week/ early this week. I believe my rep said a total of roughly 100 were expected to go out...
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    TOL email

    I know! I was the last in the group to get it lol. Thanks man
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    TOL email

    WOOP WOOP! I GOT IT! I received my golden ticket today for ZAB, same as I was told on the phone! I know some other folks got theirs today as well, good luck to you ladies and gents.
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    Dream Location?

    ^I don't think that can be confirmed. I will say that 5 of my friends including me all got centers, VRA 2013 panel (feb 1st email)
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    Dream Location?

    Dallas/Houston/Colorado Springs
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    TOL email

    Grats GA
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    TOL email

    Yeah I understood, that would be pretty alarming if she had told me that, and believe me I would have mentioned it if she did lol. She didn't say anything about it being the last batch, just the next one :) Doesn't hurt to call and prod around if you know who your Rep is, they know what they can...