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  • How long are your sea duty orders for? Is it 2 years? 3? Going to sea first wouldn't be so bad if I knew I could get out and go to shore to get a CTO. Did they give you a contract or documentation telling you when your sea duty was over? Is there a possibility of you being extended on sea duty?
    Hey thanks!

    I'm actually going in as an E-3 and will be eligible for the E-4 exam right out of A school. I realize that there will probably be more ship options than shore, and that's why I was wondering why you chose sea duty first. If you're 19 though, you have plenty of time to get your quals and travel. I'm 24 so I won't have that luxury, lol. If possible, I'll probably choose the only shore duty they offer because I only plan on doing one enlistment.
    Hi, my name is Tarria. I'm about to leave for Navy boot camp and will be going into AC. I was just wondering if I could ask you why you chose to go to a carrier first instead of shore duty? Is it better to go to sea duty first? Will you be able to get your quals after you're finished with sea duty? I've been hearing from different people that sometimes going to shore duty first is better and sometimes going to sea duty first is better. What do you think?
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