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  • Good Morning! Are you still at McGhee? I'm DOD at Marine Corps Air Station New River and just got my list, McGhee looks to be one of the nicer locations. Just trying to get some info on the facility and area, how do you like it?
    Hey Brian, everythings going pretty good. I got checked out on ground about a month ago and Im about half way through local.. (CC), the guy who is between us in training, just got checked out on FDCD. Traffics been pretty slow but sometimes outside military guys come in for practice and that can make things interesting. The main thing for the pv is just be confident. You will hear it a hundred times but don't let your nerves get ya. To tell you the truth on the T/G thing, I never got a real solid handle on which way i wanted to do it. I switched back and forth between making strips and just writing them down and trying to remember to rotate them. I think I settled on writing them down. The good thing is that at the airport any high performance guys get an arts tag with a call sign and we rarely have more than one little guy hanging around so just find a way you can scrap by with. Good luck with your last couple weeks and your pv, you'll be fine. Richard(TO)
    Hello! How's everything going? How are you liking it? I PV in about three weeks. Any pointers? How did/do you manage your pad for multiple T/G? To keep them in order. Did you just move it down your list?
    Hope all is well and hope to meet you at the end of Feb!

    Hey man. Thanks for getting back to me. I actually did a tour in November a few weks before Thanksgiving. I also took a tour of Nashville and Chatanooga. Knoxville was by far my favorite. Your training manager Vince gave me a ton of information and everyone was really nice. I'm hoping for knoxville but don't have high expectations for it. All three of the ATM's I spoke with seemed to think if I put TN down that I'd either get Memphis or nothing. So I put TN and GA on my Geo preference. Anyway thanks again for the info and if you hear anything from there about future hiring or have any advice let me know. Tell Vince I said hello and thanks for his help.
    Hey man not sure if you log in here anymore, but figured I'd try. How do you like knoxville? I'm a Pubnat 8 guy trying to get to TYS. Did you do a tour prior and get your name in their ear or was it just the luck of the draw? Any information you can give me would be awesome, Thanks
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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