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  • Do you guys want a Tee time for Veterans Day since it is a holiday? Let me know. Also would be easier to communicate if I had all your names and Email addresses. My contact info:

    David C. Miller
    405.822.5394 (Cell)

    Cheers, :cheers:

    The RedBaron
    FAA 2 years, 2 Contract and 6 military. Good luck in Memphis. I know a guy in the tower but nobody in the tracon.
    no i haven't looked up any courses... but almost every housing place mentions or advertises golf nearby so i'm just assuming there's a few courses and one or two of them have to be decent enough to play... i think they're mostly 9-hole courses
    congrats. I may still be out there just depending on the schedule they stick with and what all they are going to do for the holidays. I am trying to get back in touch with CS so I can get a FOL so I can go ahead and give my notice at work. I hate leaving them in a bind for the holidays.
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