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    5/28 start date

    Was 5/18th. Now 5/28th going to ZHU.
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    Pay 17k OKC - 41k JAX ARTCC - Then?

    pvtryan009, why does the FAA pay for your cable bill while at the academy and for a trailer once you are out? Does this apply to everyone or only military?
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    Kansas City PEPC

    I got my e-QIP invite about 3 days ago. I have finished already and sent it back in. It is a pain in the ass, too. A lot of personal information from past residences, school, and employment with a lot of references. Nothing out of the ordinary, really, but very thorough. Overall, roughly...
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    Post PEPC Time Line for Academy

    Sorry for being so inquisitive, but do they tell you at the PEPC when you are going? Or do you find out at a later time? My PEPC is Nov. 21st at Kansas City, and I was just wondering when I might know something.
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    Post PEPC Time Line for Academy

    Does anybody know how long it has been taking people to start the academy after they make it through the PEPC? I talked to my HR Rep and she said 6-12 months, but that sounds a little rediculous. Any takers?
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    Houston Center - ZHU

    Lawn Gnome - Did I read that you are a controller in Houston? If so, I have a few quesitons for you.