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  • Hello,

    You seem to know what your talking about so I few questions that I hope you can help me with.

    Im 24 years old and tried to get into the FAA via OTS Pubnat 3. I only scored a 84.1 on the AT-SAT and didnt get picked up. I really wanted to do ATC so I transfered out of my (Army) National Guard unit and went into a atc unit. I left for ATC school and passed this past march and im about a month into obtaining a CTO at Muir AAF in PA. When im done(Dec 2010) and have my CTO in hand how hard would it be to get into to a contract tower? I have no kids or tie downs but ive been told that i would need a CTO and at least 5 yrs behind it to get hired. Can you shed some light on this for me. Thanks a mil

    I just joined the Air Force and am headed to BMT in a few weeks. My contracted job is ATC. I was hoping you had some advice for me since you are a senior analyst. By your posts I can see you are indeed knowledgeable. Any help is much appreciated.

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