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    How's everything been? I haven't done anything more with school lately, but I've been busy at the airport working. I was hired early last summer as a Ticket Agent/Baggage Handler. The job's pretty fun, and I'm going to Costa Rica for less than $150 round trip with my flight benefits. I just talked to a guy who works for airport ops that did an internship here after graduating from the SCCC Aviation Science program. I'll be calling his boss on Monday to see if there's any chance I could intern there during my days off. Seems like a really good opportunity so I'm going for it.

    It's funny talking to a lot of the pilot's here, and probably a third of the younger ones are CTI grads or TOL holders waiting on the academy.

    Glad to hear from you, let me know what's new with you. I was actually thinking about visiting SCCC on Monday to talk to Barb about the internship.
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