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  • Hmm trying to think what else I got for ya...oh and all that stuff about going ASF when you check in yada yada yada...I didn't have to do any of that! It's all luck of the draw. I don't even feel like I'm in the military...I just come to work control and go home to my place by the beach...lovin life here! Let me know if you have any more questions.... Cheers!

    Heyy there. I wasn't extended here, myself and everyone else who graduated A-school with me were given 4 years of shore duty out of A-school; which is the rest of your contract. They're constantly changing how long the shore orders are for the folks coming out of school...could be 2,3, or 4 years. If the orders are for four years then you're officially set! The rest of your time will be one shore duty. If they are for 2 years and you check into your shore facility and get qualified quickly then they can always try to extend because you have proven to be a valuable asset. Always pick a Naval Air Station over a FACSFAC. We've had people who have come here from the FACSFAC and still couldn't cut it at a normal facility. Also, there is not dream sheet you just pick out of the orders that are available based on class rank.
    Hey tighedye! I heard the Navy has been extending a lot of people on shore in ATC in order to cut costs, do you find this to be true? Also, did you put NAS North Island on your Dream Sheet, or did they just have it available when you went to pick your location? I'm definitely going to request it as it sounds like a great place to get both a CTO and radar qual.
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