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  • Whats up man, I'm going to LA Center..I used to fly out of Gillespie field. I'm out here in OKc till May 12th...you out here too?
    Awesome, not long now! Yeah it would be nice to put face to name! Hope all goes well for the rest of your time in OKC. see you soon!
    Haha don't worry I won't! Yeah if want some other info or if a question pops up don't hesitate to ask. There are some pretty cool peeps up in the tower. I was up for a visit a couple months ago. You have a tv a pool table and such in the break rooms. Summer we have a airshow for a weekend usually in may sometime. I work at "jetair" north side of the airport. North 27r East 17. Keep me posted! It would be cool to get some insider info on the academy where to stay and such, should my time come!
    Tink, awesome congrats!! No I'm actually at the Fbo here at ksee. Although I know a group of people that work In the tower. When do you start? I'm still with pubnat8 ots so maybe in a year or two I'll get in. Ksee is an awsome airport, the only downside is no ILS. But hopefully I'll hear you on ground when I call in for transport to another part of the field in our trucks.

    Kellan 23 male
    jet air lineman
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