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  • Just moved to Anchorage? i saw you say that in one of your posts...
    I live up here in Wasilla, me and my friend go to the University of Alaska there in Anchorage for a ATC degree, we have 1 more year to go.
    If your ever looking for something to do or need help knowing your way around let me know.
    Hope you like fishing.
    i have a new rep.. ive actually forgotten her name and everything i know about ATC with how long ive been waiting.

    on the plus side i got a transfer with my current job and am moving to anchorage in a month. now when/if they ever call i'll already be living where i was selected for.

    Elaine McCollum 405.954.7932
    I hear ya man, to make things worse... I got laid off on Friday.. I cannot believe it!! I am ready for a major change as well, hence Alaska. We will get there man. What are you planning to do for work in Las Vegas?..
    The other career I am putting on hold until I find out on this one is Spec Ops with the Air Force. CCT, pretty cool job, they are controlling planes and drops over in Haiti right now. They also are calling in air strikes in Iraq as well.. So, still would be a controller in a since. Not near the pay or luxury though. Lots of hard training and getting your nutts kicked in. I am nearly 28, I just wanna make a boat load of money and retire, come on FAA gimme something here, one way or another!!.....
    Hey Sam,
    You replied this to me, "Yeah once you get your TOL you're in after you get your clearances and a class date", I had a question. I have my TOL and my clearances are ..clearing.. So, I will have 2 of the 3 you mentioned. You once had a class date and it has since been stripped. So, are you guaranteed a spot with a TOL and your clearances? Or, are you only guaranteed a spot once you get a FOL?
    I know, I hate to bother you with questions you probably do not have the answers to. But, I figured you may have better inside knowledge than me. Also, another question you may not know...
    I have seen on other posts that some people actually know how many people are ahead of them in the pipeline for their current duty assignment. Do you know how many people are ahead of you for Anchorage EnRoute?
    I just bought some more time on the other job offer, I should know about my clearances by early next month. Well, I hope we hear something soon(doubtful). Thanks for all the help man,
    Thanks for the quick reply Sam,
    So, once you receive a TOL you are guaranteed a spot, so long as all your clearances come through? Or, once you receive a FOL you are guaranteed a spot? I am just stuck in a pickle here because I have another job opportunity that I would really like to pursue if this one doesn't work out. I will be expected to make a decision by March, or else the other job opp will drop me. I still have to wait for my psych results to come back before I know if I cleared everything, I should know by early February. If this is a for sure thing, than I want to do this. I just don't want to pass on another job opp and then not get this gig.

    Thanks a lot man,
    Hey Titans,
    A friend from another board recommended I contact you. You are scheduled for a position in Alaska right? I hear you had a reservation for class to start on Jan 29th, which has since been pulled due to the Alaska workforce cutting down. Were you scheduled for en-route or terminal? I am currently waiting for my FOL, I receive a TOL in early October for ACH enroute. It is starting to be a major pain in the arse!! If you were ahead of me and you are receiving this news it looks really bad for me. I applied to the Alaska opening. Any information you could pass along to me would be greatly appreciated. I just wanna know some kind of a time-frame and that I am still going to get hired in the foreseable future. Well, best of luck man, hope you get to Alaska soon!.....
    titans83 - welcome to Isola Bella. The RedBaron will be golfing this weekend in Chandler.

    The RedBaron
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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