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    Oakland Center - ZOA

    Good lord yes. I don't think ZOA will turn anyone down tbh Staffing is okay in domestic and terrible in oceanic... at least we've been told its okay in domestic but idk anything about domestic
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    Oakland Center - ZOA

    1.) I m in one of the oceanic areas. We have 2 radar sectors and 4 Non-radar/ATOPS sectors. Once you get both D-sides you go from AG to D2. Then once you get either both R-sides or All 4 of the oceanic sectors you go to D3 and then whichever you have left (r-sides or atops) you go to CPC...
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    California ZOA

    ZOA - Facility Swap Request
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    Phone Call from the FAA

    My friend hasn't been DQed yet (only one out of 6 people I know that applied) and she got a call.. they wanted an updated resume and a copy of her college transcripts.
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    Offered ZOA--thoughts?

    I'm a recently certified CPC at ZOA and I adore it, the only downside is how understaffed we are. I gave up ZAN for it and don't regret it at all. Even if it is ridiculously expensive.. And Fremont is a dump (Lol just saw my signature, time for an update)
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    Oakland Center - ZOA

    im a ZOA developmental still working on my first D-side and can tell you that at the academy the paychecks were about.. $650 after taxes and once I got to the facility it was $1340 after taxes. The insurance i picked was about $80 a paycheck and Ive been contributing 5% post tax to my TSP...
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    3 Failed the En Route PV today

    Your overall final grade is divided up like this: Map Test - 2% CKT #1 -4% Non-Radar eval #1 - 7% Non-Radar eval #2 - 7% Aircraft Characteristics Test - 4% CKT #2 - 5% Radar Checklist Test - 5% Radar eval #1 - 22% Radar eval #2 - 22% Radar eval #3- 22% For instance, My map test score was a 98...
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    Enroute Map and Non-Radar Problems

    i love that you're a /X rosstafari. our class just finished nonradar on friday and every single person passed both evals.. whoohoo!
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    03/28/11 Basics

    Re: 3/28/11 Enroute Basics our final count is ZOA - 5 ZTL - 4 ZBW - 1 ..and sorry if i got boston wrong. my brain is too full of charts right now lol
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    03/28/11 Basics

    Re: 3/28/11 Enroute Basics I'm flying. On AS and they have a systemwide outage for the server that does flight plans. Praying it doesn't affect my 230am flight
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    03/28/11 Basics

    Re: 3/28/11 Enroute Basics There is no such thing as einstein bagels up here in anchorage.. I've missed that. I'm flying in Sunday afternoon and checking in at Isola Bella. I've re-read everything 5 times and am still afraid I'm forgetting some form I need to have filled out
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    03/28/11 Basics

    Re: 3/28/11 Enroute Basics So.. I'm totally going to be in OKC in like a week. Anybody else completely freaking out? I have been for the past few days.
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    03/28/11 Basics

    Re: 3/28/11 Enroute Basics I just got the call today from LH and I'm headed to OKC for the 3/28 class! In heAding to ZOA as well. Originally for ZAN but redirected last summer. So excited!
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    04/22/2011 Basics

    Re: 4/22/2011 Enroute Basics congrats! i talked to LH yesterday and he says im slated for maybe ill see you there
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    01/10/2011 EnRoute Basics

    congrats you guys :)