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  • Hey brother, Im a "devil dog-friendly" squid, lol, I've done a lot of work with you guys over the past 10 years. I just noticed we've been hanging around in a lot of the same threads on stuckmic. My EAOS is in Aug and I start terminal in June. You looking to do contract work through ITT or KBR? I am. I'll keep you up on whatever I come accross if it looks good to go(announcements, etc), if you do the same for me. Looks like ATCmike and JW are being hammered for hook-ups. I was hoping for FAA but it looks like VRA's been Gaffed UFN, so it's contract or DOD until the VRA shit gets unphucked. Stay frosty killer.
    it depends bud, If it's a hot thread then not long at all but if it's one that hasn't been touched in a while you may never get a response.
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