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    General PV Discussion

    Paul switched to tower, so I doubt the other instructors were the same. Did my LC TWR PV on Friday. All of the tower PVs had the same thing in common. Fast movers overtaking slow guys on the downwind. All you have to do is use extend downwind, upwind (if you catch it in time), make short...
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    McGuire Openings

    is it Radar or Tower?
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    Taking DOD job with FAA TOL

    Last I heard as a 2152 controller in the DoD, if you complete the probationary period with the DoD it will carry over into the FAA.
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    Walnut Garden cons?

    I'm currently staying at Walnut Gardens and it is more than sufficient. I'm staying in a 1 bedroom efficiency for 44.50 a day. It is basically an apartment with a kitchen, living room, bathroom with washer and dryer, and a bedroom. The staff is nice, it's very quiet and peaceful. I've got...
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    General PV Discussion

    Re: What Exactly is a Performance Verification - PV? Your instructor is now my instructor, how about that!
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    Terminal End of Course Test?

    The NWS instructor isn't making me take the vis test. At my last Tower I had monthly training back in June labeled Tower Visibility Observation. If you worked in a tower within the past year you simply need some sort of proof, in this case my 1098 out of my 623 was sufficient.
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    Terminal End of Course Test?

    I have my training records as a DoD employee. My last day working was 31 July 2010. I have supplemental training documented from June listed as Tower Visibility Observations. Visibility Checkpoint Charts, Disseminate WX Information, and Prevailing Visibility are all signed off in my records. I...
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    Family...stay behind or come with?

    Funny how this has sort of come full circle and now I'm posed with a similar situation. My wife wants to drive out and visit me for four days next week. I've only been in class for two days and it's the very beginning of my training. Other than the fact that it's going to cost a lot of money...
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    Terminal End of Course Test?

    90 days was shouted out in class on the vis test... not sure if that is 100% correct, just what I THINK I heard from the instructor.
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    Terminal End of Course Test?

    I just started class three days ago so don't quote me on this, but if you already have a CTO card, bring it, and you will not have to retake the CTO test. Also, if you have it recorded somewhere that you are trained in visibility you should bring that as well and you will not be required to take...
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    8/12/10 Terminal

    I like the change. It standardizes the previous taxi phraseology to a single phrase rather than differing phraseology dependent upon whether or not there are hold instructions. This is more efficient and even though I hate change on the basis of it being change, I like this.
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    USAF Tech School Question...I'm Bored.

    What about Air Evac 22396, DC-9, report downwindlol!
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    8/12/10 Terminal

    Same here with the packet.
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    VRA age limit?

    last I heard it was still 31
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    8/12/10 Terminal

    I just called to make my travel arrangements and the guy had me under an 11 August school date. I didn't have a class number or anything but he was able to find my name and street address under whatever information he already had in the computer system. EODS and my FOL all say 12 August. I...