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  • Hello. My buddy told me that you were the ATM for DFW. I am working in Alaska right now for a contract tower. I am trying to get back down to Texas, well Houston mostly. I was wondering if you knew of any openings in the area. I have had my application on the ASAP online site for almost a year now and still no offers, is this the norm wait time? Thanks for any help you can give.
    Greetings room...! New here...former AF ATC'r... last assignment was RAF Greenham Common UK
    I use to be a boom operator on the KC-135R when was the last time you were there? I just got out last august cause they wouldnt let me cross train into ATC.
    Tracy sure hasn't aged well since living in Houston....dang...sorry man.

    Hey Man! Glad to see you made it out of GLS with ole Jim and the crew. I've been overseas making $$$ and missing America like you wouldn't believe. I'll be coming to the "Big Show" soon so wish me luck! You still keep in touch with Dan? I believe Tera is in Dallas, or somewhere like that. Anyway....keep in touch man, good to know I'll see a familiar face at IAH.

    JR "GLS original"
    How's it going my friend? We miss you more than you miss us. Getting real tired of the half-assed heroes trying to step into you're shoes and failing miserably. Details later. Your name is golden here, and always will be. How's the move going? And the family? Debbie and I always get a smile at how beautiful your family is. You are a great guy with a very nice wife, and two beautiful kids. We are really happy to have met them. Please keep in touch, if you don't, I know where you work. Ha Ha. Be good my friend, and say hi to your family for us.

    Jim and Deb
    we plan too...looking into how we can do it right now...might be a way to re-record the other sites data that they are using and then rebroadcast it on here....that way, we don't need to do anything extra...we'll see.
    I really underestimated how nice usher looks until I saw him on your page.
    Uh oh...popping the comment does that feel?

    I didn't cross the line did I?

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