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  • You should visit the facility when you are in town. You can meet the manager and discuss possible employment at MLI. Since you are military controller, you shouldnt have any problems getting a job in the FAA. Let me know if I can help you in any way.
    Well, they are full at Dubuque right now. They only have 4 controllers and one manager. If you have a CTO, then you could try getting hired with Midwest ATC, that is who owns dubuque.
    I am an AC2 still in the Reserves. I just transferred to the reserves after my 5 years was done. However, I don't get to do ANYTHING AC related except for on my AT's. I've gotten to go out to sea a couple of times and control. My husband works for a contract tower in Dubuque. I actually signed a lease two days before they offered me the job in Moline. I drill at Rock Island Arsenal. There is a NOSC there, so it is Navy. If you are dead set, then the reserves isn't too bad. It is easy. But, it is NOTHING like active. NOTHING!!! I miss being active everyday.
    I live in Andrew. But I am not from here. I am from MO. I had a TOL for Kansas City Intl. But they dont need me any more. So they offered me Moline. BTW, I am a Navy reservist. I was active, and I got out of the Navy to go work for the FAA. I didnt get a TOL until 20 months after I applied. So, if you are thinking that it is going to happen quickly, just be prepared to wait. The average hiring time is 2-4 years. It is a LOOOONNNGGG process.
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