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  • Nikki, no worries, I actually sent myself a private message when I was trying to message you earlier lol. This site is a little hard to navigate on the phone. Seth, I noticed you over on Nikki's page and thought I'd introduce myself since I am also in the January group. My name's Brandy and I live in California (near ZLA). How about yourself?
    Hi Seth, my name is Nikki. I am purely OTS how about you? Do you have info on the places to stay over there? Also do you know good places to pick for a facility after the academy? I was reading that some places had high wash out rates so definitely did not want to pick one of those. I selected west coast as my 1st choice, how about you? Thanks for reaching out! hopefully chat more and see you in Oklahoma!

    I think i posted this on my own page! lol still figuring this site out
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