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    Any Word on 2019 Bid

    Can us 2016 Tier 2 folks get a chance first ;) lol
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    August 2016 Tier 2

    Which company do you work for? UP? BNSF? Have family in UP that said dispatching was a good job on the railroading side.
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    August 2016 Tier 2

    I would contact my POC every few weeks just to let them know I was still pursuing this. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to them and to make sure things are still moving along.
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    August 2016 Tier 2

    Finally received the contact info to schedule my Tier 2. Still hope ladies and gentlemen... 2+ years and there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.
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    OTS July 2017 Bid TIER 2

    Yeah it’s just one thing after another... My problem is that I was issued a FOL back in February of this year and they made a “mistake” saying I was supposed to be Tier 2. I’ve been nothing but patient with the whole process but now it’s just getting ridiculous. Hoping we get to complete this...
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    OTS July 2017 Bid TIER 2

    If it makes any of you feel better I’m at day 802 since I’ve applied... Still waiting to be scheduled for a Tier 2 from the August 16 Bid.
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    3/5/2018 Terminal

    Have this class date as well. Looking at staying at Kim’s. Congrats to all of those who have made it this far!
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    TOL 2/24 No CIL Yet

    Received CIL today 6/27 TOL 2/24