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  • Hi, I recently read your review on StuckMic about the ATC program at Hesston. I am the father of a junior (soon to be senior) in high school, who is very interested in a career in ATC. He is soon to turn 17, and should have his PPL in the next month or two -- but doesnt think he wants to fly for a living. Nonetheless, he wants to keep working towards his CFI, and understands in aviation it's good to have several options.

    I am originally from Nebraska, and we still have a summer home that we get to every summer. John likes the midwest, and as he attends a small Christian high school, Hesston might be a great place for him. I'd love to learn more about the school, and wonder if you might provide an email address where I could send a longer email with several additional questions. I'd really appreciate learning more about Hesston and its aviation program---

    Dave Offutt
    Olympia, WA
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