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    Failing the PV

    Does anyone know if you for sure can or cannot re-apply under the same bid if you fail out of the academy? I.E. CTI, VRA, CTO, etc? Thanks
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    What is the FAA Academy like?

    Yes... and Federal Holidays
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    After Academy pay in 2012

    Beat me to it and said the exact same thing in less words!
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    After Academy pay in 2012

    Nope the AG is the same as it shows for the other years... $37,070 + Locality. Then you start working up the list based on the D Scale as listed below. For some reason it probably just got cut off from that list. So it's exactly the same except the AG is the same as listed for the previous...
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    3/6/2012 Terminal

    Congratulations! I'm glad you finally got your class date! I'll be just about to my PV when you start your class but I wanted to say congrats on getting your class date!
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    3 Failed the En Route PV today

    Keep in mind this is for the En Route class... Not tower. Tower classes still have a retake but with the new grading system for En Route classes, it's all based on a point system with no retakes. Good Luck Everyone!
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    Stuckmic Mobile App for Droid Launched...and it's FREE

    Will it be an actual app or just a mobile website? Either way is awesome, just more curious... Thanks again!
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    Stuckmic Mobile App for Droid Launched...and it's FREE

    Hey there! It's been a few months now so I just wanted to inquire and see if there is any additional information about the Stuckmic Iphone app? Really would love to have this site available on my Iphone! Thanks so much for EVERYTHING you do for this site! It helped me SO much when I was...
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    Moving Question

    I had only 2 weeks notice to be in OKC and I couldn't find out my actual facility until I got my FOL. So I couldn't visit or do anything about finding a place. I actually didn't find out my facility until I started the drive to OKC. So because of that I'm looking on Craigslist and just doing...
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    Internet Quality at Winchester Run?

    I'm at Winchester Run right now and everything appears to run fine. I haven't tried to stream netflix yet but the Internet seems to be pretty fast and reliable. I brought my router from home so I have wireless and I have to say I've been very pleased with how fast the Internet is. When I get my...
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    02/07/2012 Tower

    No not true... They have been using AAC (Academy Airport) for Years and years.. They have LOAs, and everything from tower, to tracon to enroute, all setup or academy airspace. I'm at the academy now and everything they teach is based off of academy airport. Highly doubt they will ever change it...
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    1/24/2012 Terminal

    Wow, hard to beleive that class starts tomorrow. See everyone in the morning and good luck!
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    Help with Federal Benefits

    I was reading the information sent with my FOL and it says the FAA will match me dollar for dollar for the first 3% of my TSP and then 50% on the next 2% I put in. I was under the impression that the FAA matched dollar for dollar on the first 5%... I must have been mistaken. My question is, has...
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    1/24/2012 Terminal

    6 more days! Wow, just around the corner now... I hope everyone has safe travels down to OKC. Just got my FOL this morning. See you soon!
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    Anyone Else Been Selected to Montana?

    Bozeman is a contract tower... FAA only has HLN, BIL and GTF.