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  • Yes if you can get documentation to back it up. But you will be limited in areas you will be able to go. Usually you have to go out west to the desert where the air seems to be less intrusive.
    I'm an asthmatic and have been at my facility for almost two months now. The entire area i live in now is very polluted and it is killing my asthma. Do you think I wld be able to hardship because of this.
    There is someone who just got here recently named Kelly Watson (I think thats the last name). Myself and atleast two older guys from that area as well.
    I'm from Peachtree City. I actually work at the best buy in PTC. Who else do you know that live around the Fayette area?
    Yeah I graduated in Summer 2006. I enjoy ZME a lot. I would be pretty happy staying here, but also would be happy for the FAA to pay me to move back to ATL.

    ZME is a pretty nice location to work other than the fact you have to live near Memphis. It's a level 12 that probably shouldn't be and you generally can get the leave you need when you need to as long as its not Thanksgiving or Christmas. But Memphis sucks. There isn't a ton to do here and once you've done it then you get bored. Long drive to the beach, mountains, etc.
    Hey thanks for the help with the tour. Must be a UND grad of 2006 if i interpret your name correctly. I graduated UND in Dec 09 and started their in the fall of 06. do you enjoy ZME
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