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    Successful Appeal After Disqualification for Personality Disorder

    Would you guys mind sharing how exactly they came to this decision? I had recently just went through the tier 2 process. Luckily without any issue but, the whole process appeared like it was just luck of the draw on what doctor saw you. For instance, my doctor kept referring back to my...
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    August 2016 Tier 2

    On average after DC receives the tier II report have we seen them make a decision? I am noticing around 2-3 months for the most part. Anyone see any much longer than that, and for any particular reason?
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    August 2016 Tier 2

    No, Because I have not even taken my Tier 2 yet and am being asked for all those documents.
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    Finally After Three Years of Waiting!!!

    What exactly was the issue? I see you had gone to a Tier 2. Was their an issue with the evaluation?
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    Did you call Washington to set it up or did they contact you?
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    It is for a failed MMPI test according to the medical office. I would recommend anyone still waiting on medical to call their regional flight surgeon office. Pam over at star enterprise does not have the full scoop.
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    Just found out I need to do a Tier 2. What is this looking like another 3-4 months at least?
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    5-5-4 Minima

    Question: Two Connesective HEAVY IFR departures, one diffrent departure instructions. ex One: Runway heading to 3000 Two: TL180 to 3000 Can you use 5-5-4 in liue of 2 minutes even if they are not opperating directly behind the whole time?