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    Alaska ZAN

    ZAN - Facility Swap Request
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    FAA or Air Force Reserve a Better Option?

    Mat, Recruiters will say that you can't get a specific job all the time. However, you can indeed ensure you get an ATC position in the Air Force, so long as you meet the minimum requirements. The Air Force Reserve is a reserve force and the positions they have are "permanent" positions. That...
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    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    I can't imagine MPF would ever give a statement stating what the anticipated type of separation is simply due to the fact that anything could happen between now and then.
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    Kona, Hawaii

    Who has this contract? Did midwest takeover or is SERCO still holding it? Also, how is the pay and work there? Would love to get more info from someone who works there or has worked there. Thanks.
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    Andrews AFB Maryland Info

    If you want some distance from Andrews and the big city but still not a horrible drive, check out the Chesapeake bay area. I lived in Dunkirk, which is about a 20min drive to Andrews. Small town, about 15min from the beach (Chesapeake Beach and North Beach) in Calvert County. Waldorf also isn't...
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    Al Muwaffaq Salti Air Base

    What exactly are you wanting to know about it?
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    Switch from En-Route to Terminal

    I wouldn't say you are going to get put in NEST. We had two people fail in the labs (one by a very questionable supposed A1 Sep Error), both got several positive recommendations from controllers, ATM, training manager, supervisors and NATCA reps. However, they were not retained. So I would not...
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    Best Base

    Nellis will see the most traffic and obviously Vegas is well Vegas. Dealing with Red Flag multiple times a year will really get your adrenaline going. Tyndall is great, they have that awesome beach access. Panama City is decent but don't expect a lot. Huge party town though during spring break...
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    Palace Chase

    I palace chased back in 2012. Took 7 months for me.
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    State Tax Return

    That's because according to the FAA you are assigned to FAA HQ but TDY to OKC while at the Academy.
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    Car at Academy?

    I drove and it was worth it, even driving all the way from Alaska. Here is how I took it and why I drove. 1. You don't know where you are going to end up moving to, so bring some a lot of decent stuff with you that you want in the event you are put on the other side of the country from your...
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    Vet Preference

    You qualify. You only need 180 days total of active duty which you clearly have.
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    Enroute Pass Rates

    13 out of 16 passed 2 weeks ago.
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    Enroute Pass Rates

    you have one hell of a nose. you should go work in a PD or something with that nose.
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    Providence Place is Now Called Anatole

    Here right now, no issues from me personally. 8-10min drive to the Academy, within a 15 min walk to major restaurants and a few bars. Apartments are great, pretty big, comes with everything you need. There are garages and covered parking you can purchase (was $115 total for me for 4 months)...