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  • dear bro, i need some guidance from u.. i have an interview for the post of assisstant ATC after a few days. i need a senior person who can help me in preparing my interview..i dont knw which kind of questons can be asked there or what skills are required to impress the interviewr.. waiting for ur help.. sunny
    Just asked about reimbursement cause im driving also. By the way, There are five for our class staying at kims so study groups will be good for sure..
    I signed it, but didnt fill it out then it got it sent back to me... then i called LM and she said I filled out everything fine and to just bring that specific document to OKC to fill out, but as far as signing it blank she said im ok..??? So i guess I'll stick with that.
    We will link up. Funny, Kim just came by and was telling me about new students coming to OKC headed to ZOA. Congrats on getting selected to come to OKC.
    i did but i cant find the damn Java(sun) option I downloaded the program with my friend (whos computer savvy) but still nothing maybe it got reset regardless I'm calling on monday.
    on the whole rooming thing yeah i think your right its up to the individual, was talking to a controller today at my local tower its an ( up down), he stayed at Iso and said it was nice and a great experience.
    Hey the whole thing with the washouts is nerve wrecking but If 3 of us are going to be there and ultimately going to ZOA then we could probably have a prettty legit study group/regime with us and any other enroute peeps in ISO ( or any where else for that matter) , so I guess playing the cards right is pivotal in our situation (ie I'm hearing kims place students are doing good mainly due to their study groups) what do you think? even if staying at different places I think study groups could still be arranged.(I sent him a similar message as well i saw you switched to kims)
    yes but im having problems with the access page im doing everything correct but its not working????? going to have to call tommorow, what about you? is the 24 hour time to connect still stand for weekends?
    Hmm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing that most of the wash outs were at iso....I think the most important thing is that a study group/location is established (whether at iso, kim's, or some other place). I'm not sure on the circumstances of the washouts. I forget, where did you go to school? I went to Beaver.
    I'm going to stay at Iso bella. I talked to some people yesterday at ZOA and they seemed to recommend it, primarily for the good food.
    Thanks for the info , I think I'm going to contact her I let you know what she says;) as far as rooming I reserved for Iso how about you?
    I think we can't go wrong with either of them, I think I might go with Iso just because of the meals that are provided.
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