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  • Come on man you know I own HRT Tower and your trying to get picked up....how many time do I have to tell you it is the good old boy network.
    The number for the SNCOIC Office is 703-432-0490 his name is Gunnery Sergeant David Blake. He is my friend that i told you about. He is in Pcola right now for a conference so you can get him on his cell 928-210-6881 hope that helps
    Thanks alot man. I greatly greatly appreciate the help. If we wants some general information when you talk to him, I am a 12 year member of the air force, all air traffic control and will be able to start work because of terminal leave March 10th.
    No worries dude. My buddy is the training cheif there. I'll find out if they have any opening for civs and if i can give you his contact info.
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