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  • VectorVoodoo,

    I'm a Navy controller who retires in October. My availability is September 1st 2010. I have applied for the KOA and LIH positions as well as a general application. I've tried to contact Jerry Alvarado and have left 2 voice mails. I have known SERCO my entire career and would love to work for them. My first duty station was NUQ (Moffett Field), I'm very familier with San Carlos as I did alot of pattern work when I was in the the flying club at NUQ. I have 2 CTO's and a TRACON ticket. Fully certified at 2 facilities. I can send a resume to you if you would be willing to take a look at it.

    Thanks so much,
    Christopher Cooper

    I'm currently a controller in the Marine Corps and will be on terminal leave in Aug. I'm in the job hunting process and my goal is to start work as soon as I leave this job. I would appreciate any tips or info you could forward my way regarding Serco or just in general. I am going to start applying for contract jobs at the beginning of June? Good time frame if I'm separating in Aug?
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