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  • Hi. I noticed you are at RFD. There is currently a bid out for your facility. How do you like it there? I am currently a CPC at a level 6 VFR tower and was interested in getting my radar ticket.

    Any input is greatly appreciated!!

    vic from what i hear we are taking a few as of right now we are overstaffed but there are a lot op people eligible to retire and will be within the next few years
    The city itself is not bad.Their downtown area (bricktown) is cool has nice restaurants and a bunch of things to do. You really need a car to get around though. So you should definitely bring yours. Academy wise, class is not really difficult it's just a lot of sh*t we gotta digest in just over a month for basics. It's definitely a lot of crap but as long as you study you'll be fine.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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