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  • Yeah, that's me. I work at an Army Approach Control In Germany. Sorry it took so long to respond. Send me an e-mail at rtpatc@yahoo.com and we catch up. RP
    Hey man, do you mind taking a look at my DoD/FAA resume? I think its pretty good, but I haven't gotten to show it to any DoD/FAA guys to get a different perspective.
    In reference to the fort drum/ wheeler-saack aaf job..
    I know this post was quite some time ago, but this is my dream job. Im from upstate NY. Do you happen to know if and when they may hire again? I'm looking to palace-chase and finish my last year in the guard, if not ill be out in a year.. pending an opportunity like this one. thank you for your time.
    Ft Huachuca picked me up. Hell I applied back in May and just got called last week. They had been waiting for funding and I guess the Army finally found some cash.
    When you say Federal are you talking FAA or DoD? Each of the DoD components has a different way of putting it on their system. The USAF for new hires is using USA JOBS and your resume can be uploaded in several different formats. The Navy/MC uses the CHART system which walks you through it, and the same with the ARMY CPO site.
    If you are looking for an example of wording send me your e-mail address and I will send you an example.
    Hey, I was just working on my resume, and I know for federal jobs its supposed to be "different" but I'm not sure, how and in what way, You would happen to know where I can see an example of a good ATC federal resume would you?
    Yep, I recall all those names and can even put a face to most. We probably did bump into eachother, but it would have been casual at best given you were down at Dallas when I was up at Ft. Worth. Loved working with the sailors there and being the lead for one of the tower crews there.

    Let me know what I can do to help you make the transition....

    I just saw your reply on my profile today. If you were at NAS Dallas and at NAS Ft. Worth we may know each other. At the very least we probably know some of the same people. I was at Dallas from 91 to 98 and at Ft. Worth from 98 to 02. James McCarthy retired from New Orleans as a Master Chief and Darby Tenny retired from Ft. Worth as a Chief. Frank Payne retired from New Orleans as a Chief. Carrol (Pressley) Latham, divorced, re-married, retired from New Orleans and is working at Arlington tower with a bunch of former NAS Dallas/Ft. Worth AC's... Lisa Hockenberry, Tom Chapman, Winston Robinson.

    As far a some of the Marines at Ft. Worth I can only remember a few names. Sgt Smith, CPL Taft... Wilson?
    Yep! Still loving life in FL!! Great Job, great facility, great boss, and great co-workers!!! Everything else is gravy! LOL!!!
    AirBoss. I saw your offer to review atcmarine84s resume and was wondering if you could do the same for me. I am currently in the Corps and in Delaram, Afghanistan. I get out in August, and would like to have everything ready to go. Or at least started. Im not exactly sure how I would send you the resume on stuckmic but if you wouldnt mind my email is bryan.lake@afg.usmc.mil. Any help would be much appriciated. Thanks
    Hello VM_AIRBOSS I just saw you are a former Marine and you were working at an airforce base in the panhandle, I'm slated to begin terminal this summer and I was going to relocate back to Destin FL, I was just wondering if you knew anybody I could get in contact with in the area that could point me in the direction of getting a DoD job in the panhandle, Thanks for any assistance.
    Thanks VM_AIRBOSS. I greatly appreciate the help. I talked to SSgt Young who gave me the number to a Gunnery Sgt. that gave me the number tp Captain Ledford the current OIC there. I talked to her and sent her my resume and current CTO card. Any other help you can provide would be greatly greatly appreciated. She did tell me that they are trying to hire a TSN position because they feel like its needed and I am definitely interested especially with my fiancee living there in that area. Any help would greatly do and I have my resume, CTO card, Class II physical has been done and all info. is ready to email to anyone. I would love to talk to the civilians and would make a flight from Florida to come up there and visit them in person to show them how interested I am. My phone number is (850) 499-4890 if anyone needs or wants to talk to me.
    Nick (CK)
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