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    Los Alamitos

    It looks like it went to a PPP applicant, subject to the 5 year overseas rule, and forced to transfer back to CONUS....
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    Any one apply to Air Service Austraila

    "tiredofwaiting" is spot on, Aussies love Americans, and every friend I know who has gone there has either ended up in a LTR or marriage to an Aussie. As for me, I thought about going Down Under and have looked into the process, which was pretty much straight forward, especially given I am...
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    Comparison of BQ Answers

    Hello All, and I say this as a working GS-2152, who is past the age for the FAA and is not competing for a slot, so I have nothing to gain or lose by posting this, but seriously, you should watch what you say, post and admit to on this site, as there are FAA HR people that monitor this site, and...
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    DoD AF SSR

    Prior to coming overseas to work DOD for the Marine Corps, where by the way we get the 30% SSR plus the 5% ATC premium, I was working DOD for the USAF, and got the 25% SSR (Tower Only) plus the 5% ATC premium in lieu of Locality Pay. To the best of my knowledge all DOD controller are entitled...
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    Lasik rocks

    Just a quick check-in to keep this thread active, and to let everyone know that my annual eye checkup in November with my provider went great, and still rocking the 20/20 vision, with no problems. So glad I had it done!
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    Lasik Provider Recommendations

    Try making the short drive or quick flight on Southwest to Dallas, and look into my provider Key Whitman Eye Center.
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    Lasik rocks

    After 3 1/2 years, still rocking the LASIK with 20/20 vision, and no need for cheaters at age 50!
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    MCAS Iwakumi TME

    Yep, K-Bay and Iwakuni could almost be twins....same issues with mountainous terrain.
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    MCAS Iwakumi TME

    So far no issues with fallout, plans to add more civilians as the CAG gets closer to moving down from Atsugi. Suggest you keep your eyes on USAJOBS....
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    Looking for Some Clarification About DoD Hiring..

    There are very few radar only facilities in DoD, with the majority of openings tower and GCA, and/or Approach. If you don't get out until 2015, I would suggest, if able, to do whatever it takes to get a CTO before you get out. Keep in mind that without a CTO, contract towers won't give you the...
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    MCAS Iwakumi TME

    Traffic at Iwakuni is varied and challenging, as well as steadily increasing in volume and complexity. Due to the airspace configuration and single runway configuration, that has only single direction radar and instrument approaches that require circling procedures when on the opposite runway...
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    No More DOD Age Waivers?

    Heard the same thing, DON which includes the MC, has stopped all age waivers. We had a controller who had to wait a year, after being selected, for his waiver to get approved this past May, he was one of the last ones that I know about...
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    DON to DOA job swap

    I went AF to USMC as a DoD civilian 4 mos ago after 6 yrs with the Blue Suiters....
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    Lasik Provider Recommendations

    Still rocking the LASIK!
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    Dyncorp LOGCAP jobs

    If you are a Marine and I know you, I will even rec you to him.