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    Financial Issues

    ^^^ What he said. Yes, I had a whole lot of shit; some big some small but I started about 2 years in advance to get my ducks in a row.
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    Financial Issues

    Sounds like you'll be more than fine, just be dilligent in your record keeping and reporting.
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    Financial Issues

    I had probably well over a dozen delinquent accounts and 3 active judgements against me relating to a business I was a part of. $50k+ in debts with the majority being taken care of prior to my meeting but within the past days to 2 years in terms of resolve either by: paid in full, settled for...
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    Financial Issues

    Lol, thanks. I was on here religiously during my process with the same questions and fears.
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    Financial Issues

    No, they only had the equivalent of all 3 of my credit reports which is why I pulled the same to ensure I wasn't missing anything that may be on one but not another. When in doubt, list it. You'd rather hear that it's a non-issue than appearing as if you're trying to hide something.
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    Financial Issues

    The investigator contacted me directly via cell phone regarding my application for a security clearance stating he needed to meet with me. He did not say why (but I pretty much knew). We met at a local library near my home in one of the private rooms for about 3 hours. I also had a couple...
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    Financial Issues

    My credit was not good at all when I started the process 5+ years ago. I pulled all 3 of my credit reports and listed every single debt in detail, when it was resolved or if I was on a repayment plan or what my plan was to resolve the debt. Needless to say I was slated for a one on one meeting...
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    Federal Hiring Freeze

    Brothers and Sisters, Yesterday, the Office of Management and Budget issued a memo to the heads of executive departments and agencies (see attached) to provide guidance regarding the President’s Jan. 23 executive order for a federal civilian hiring freeze. It clarified the freeze itself and...
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    Tentative Offer Letter

    Your clearance will likely take a great deal of time. That being said, when inputting dates you can check the "est" box. This will cover any slight discrepancy they may discover.
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    You have 2-3 days to report to your facility based on the distance. You can request Change of Station leave in conjunction with the time already allotted. This will give you 8 additional days. You don't have to use all 8 and can make a request once you get to your facility for a day here or...
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    6+ Months Since Medical Physical....should I Be Worried?

    Your age is locked in, you're fine as long as you get through to the academy during this bid.
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    I know multiple people who did not get referred.
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    After My ATSAT How Will I Know if I Passed and Am Moving on in the Process?

    There is a thread entitled, "PLEASE READ ME..." Please read that.
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    And this is your first round selection TOL/Academy right here folks... ��������