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    So When Is The Next Panel?

    that what i kinda figured out of this whole ordeal.........happy 1 year anniversary everyone.
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    So When Is The Next Panel?

    Just called and they said that the panels in october included OTS people as well. Trish told me that if I haven't received a phone call or email then to seek greener pastures. They don't notify you if you weren't selected as well. Plan B anyone?
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    On the 737/757/767 it's just a tone similar to when you receive a text message on your cell phone. Don't know about the airbus but unless it's like to SELCAL SELCAL! on the crj, I can see how it could be overlooked.
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    Referral Lists now what? All this hoopla only to be told we may or may not be called for an interview? That's like saying the forecast for today is dark early in the morning turning to light then dark again around 7pm. But seriously, does it mean that the application has been sent to the panels?
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    Next notification?

    so, we find out if weve been referred to a specific facility in this upcoming referral list?
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    heard it from my girlfriend's, friend's boyfriend who knows this guy who happened to run into some faa guy in the waffle house who knows someone in the hiring department who said there's a 50 percent chance of the selection panels happening the week of the 21st................but there's only a...
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    Sept Panel Postponed

    I think the only thing official is that we're officially getting mixed information.
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    Sept Panel Postponed

    so what info do we get exactly from a referral list? which facility we get referred to?
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    Sept Panel Postponed

    well, i just called them and they said to expect referral lists in a week or so and panels still scheduled for the week of the 21st.
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    View GeoPrefs?

    I called the careers center just to make sure they received my geo prefs because there has been some talk on here of geo prefs not registering, I don't know I guess I was a little paranoid. They told me that there's no way to check to make sure it registered so I wouldn't try to open that email...
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    Airline Pilot <-> ATC

    I was talking to a bunch of guys at the ATSAT and there were a bunch regional capt/fo's for mesaba, tsa, asa, comair, go jet, and asa.
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    EAA AirVenture 2009 Video Series: Airbus A380 Hard Landing

    Well, he landed in the TDZ and did hold short of the end of the runway. May not be the smoothest, probably a wind gust/shear but that's speculation, but any landing you walk away from is a good landing.
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    States with the facilities doing the most hiring.....

    Thanks, thinking about putting Wisconsin and Indiana as tower and center and see how it goes. Anyone hear anything about these states. If I put down Wisconsin any idea if they would try to place me in Rockford IL since it is in the vacinity of Wisconsin or do they stick to the Geoprefs.
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    States with the facilities doing the most hiring.....

    Hi, new to this forum. Just got my geo pref email today like a lot of people and had a few questions....... 1. Which states/facilities are doing the most hiring. I don't want to put down a state with facilities that are pretty stagnant and sit on the waiting list forever. 2. I heard that Texas...