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  • I think its worth it to appeal its B.S that one test can determine if you do ATC. PM me if you have any other questions. I also did a couple of other things to win the appeal i can give you my email address and we can talk about it dont want to get in to it on Stuckmic
    Saw your post, did it take that long to get an answer back for the Phsy test? Thats ridiculous if so, they should give current CPC's that test and see how many fail and wash out. I can def. name a few at phl!
    Hey TO, yes it is Justin, haha wonder what J it will be tomorrow ;) Just spreading all the rumors i can to get people freaked, chaos gotta love it! I am gonna email you with some questions because it looks like the hiring process went in the toilet due to the new contract and backlogged at OKC. I was told that all FY'10 class dates are filled and the numbers have been met for the year! (WS was one of the people who told me this, got it from a couple people in the region i have talked too)
    I worked with Maggie Urittia in the eastern region medical divison. She really just answewred all my questions she makes no decisions she just told me how to file the appeal and where to send the appeal to
    it cost around 800 dollars for my appeal because once i hired my own psychologist it cost $120 dollars every time i went to see him and i had to go see him 4 times plus to take the MMPI-2 test again is another 100 dollars
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