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  • Hey, I just posted updated salary information for KBR, the guys out there are telling me that its less than im getting, if you dont mind check out the post i made in the overseas iraq forum and read what I said and see if it makes sense haha thanks bud

    I saw that you applied for the Randolph vacancy. Any word on how far along the hiring process is or if they've made their selections? Thanks man.
    Yeah 15 months just passed I will submit again for SAT. Thanks name and number for a good point of contact would be good. I can get it from the NATCA members section if it's the FACREP. Thanks again.
    Yeah they've got a good FACREP... I will get a number for ya. They picked the ERR's up looking for CPC's...all 4 facilities haven't been having luck with OTS hires. So Tom Bowman got with all the ATM's and asked what needed to be done and the answer was ERR experienced people. Always resubmit your ERR's after 15 months...they expire.
    SAT picking up people on err's, wow. I put in an err in late 08. mgr tells me thats great but i wouldn't know what to do with u. At the time he had 22 dev's. I see things are changing up. Any solid point of contacts. Need to get with someone who can tell me in inner workings. Is the FACREP any good?
    LBB....SAT yeah, my current supe is on a temp bid here at LBB....he's from SAT. SAT just picked up a some ERR's. Not sure where you re but there was a solicitation for CRP and AUS to ERR. SAT and ABQ wanted to pickup ERR's too but didn't solicit. Well in Dec. they meet and made selections. I put in for CRP and got it, told my friend about AUS and he's selected for there.
    SAT picked some people up, not sure how many though. My old trainer works there now too. Anything in particular you need to know? I can call him and ask.
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