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  • Yeah boss, I will keep you informed. The only thing is I am in a pickle. I leave for a MEU this month and I will not be back till the end of the year and my EAS is in February. I feel like I will be running around with very little time to get interviews. I want to do contract work over seas since I feel that is where the money is at right now.
    Is your name Lake? or something similiar and you went to the schoolhouse to ask about the deployment and yuma?
    ACTUALLY, I still have 7 months of Active service left. I did not lie or do anything of the sort on my applications and was still lucky enough to get selected. As for me I'm not worried about losing any of those things. After being a 2 time meritoriously promoted in Okinawa Japan I was sent to and have been here in 29 Palms for over a year now and it will be 2 years by the time I'm done. So in my opinion if that's how the Marine Corps plans on treating those who went above and beyond especially when I have peers over a year behind me who don't have a major qual yet they've deployed 2 times and all I've been doing is rotting here on the worst base in the military they can keep their b/s. I'm out. FAA HERE I COME!
    Oh no....sorry honey. I was still in High School in 2001. I didn't go to A School til Nov04.
    No weapons allowed for KBR employees in Kosovo...but you really don't need one around here. Things are cool.
    I was at the school house from 06 to 09. Gunny Seals retired in 2008 i believe. I know she is living in either the new river area or in south carolina. I'm not entirely sure. How is it that you think you know me? Where you at Yuma or with MACS-1 at all?
    Yes sir, just got another email letting me know I'll be contacted to schedule my interview soon and then I'll receive my offer letter and so forth. I'm excited to get this ball rolling.
    ITT doesn't allow employees to carry weapons, but I figure if we ever got attacked I could just grab a rifle off one of the army soilders. They issue you body armor when you go through Doha and chemical gear which you'll never use. Most runways over here use IR lighting since all the FOB's are in blackout status, so yes there are NVG's in the tower.
    Ballard wassup bro its Johnson!!! Call Me imma send my number to ya inbox i will be back in jersey in like two weeks!!!
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