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    Requesting Army Medical Records

    That is weird. I’m going through the hiring process too and the flight surgeon didn’t even say or ask anything about my military disability. Just that I’m good to go.
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    Requesting Army Medical Records

    Out of curiosity, did your flight surgeon request your documents or were you cleared by him and FAA just wants more information on your disability?
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    August 2016 Tier 2

    Hi. I have a question about medical for those that are receiving disability from the military and ended up with a prolonged hiring process. Did you get cleared with a flight doctor and then FAA requests more documentation about the disability or is it because the flight doctor isn’t ready to...
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    December Bid

    Yup. Got the TOL today! Good luck everyone.
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    Next Bid?

    For the last few years the bids have been coming out about twice a year. In the summer it’s usually the OTS ( off the street bid) where no experience is necessary and you go to the schoolhouse for training. And spring time they usually have the prior experience bid. But that happened last...
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    December Bid

    No, it hasn’t changed from received yet. I’ve been checking daily.
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    December Bid

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything since the December prior experience bid. I figured that the hiring process is gonna slow down due to the shutdown; but does anyone know any details or when they’ll start that process back up? Thank you!
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    INFO NEEDED! Applying for Open Bid 2018

    There is one that shound be coming out June 25th for OTS.