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  • You might want to check the government websites. The fAA hires for all types of office jobs, some of them pay very well. I do know that many of our wash outs are getting hired for those jobs so the chances of getting hired over one of them is slim, but still a chance. As far as internships I have no clue. I have only seen a few in my entire career. What did you think of Terry Locke? Was he not the biggest idiot you have ever seen? Complete moron.

    PS Don't forget to check tower jobs or any other government jobs
    Hey i'm in ABQ too. I was origionally Hired for ZAB but was redirected to ZHU. I was interviewed by Terry Locke in NYC in February of 2009. Would you happen to know if ZAB has any job openings or internships available for me while I wait for an Academy date? I am a few weeks from getting my private pilots cert. and I heard that you guys have simulator pilots? Any info would help. Thanks
    I would look for a temp job in the meantime, Just from what I heard through my NATCA rep he said the FAA has put a hold on hiring. I assume you have taken the ATSAT and are hopefully waiting on hiring offers? I don't know about Virginia or New York unfortunately. My response had to do with the fact that some of the shortest facilities are not hiring off the street anymore due to the low success rates. Additionally our new contract allows for pay raises agin for someone moving from lower to a higher facility. Someone listed every state in the same post as a joke, but that is really not a joke, we are short everywhere.

    Be patient, the news of a hiring freeze is a rumor at this point. Like I said I did get information from my rep that seems to confirm it. For how long is the next question.

    Last thing, keep coming here, this seems to be the best forum for FAA hiring info.
    I was reading your response to what states needed people the most. Do you know by any chance about Virginia and New York? Also, is everyone having to play the waiting game once picked up to actually get to the school house or are there openings depending on what facility you choose. I'm getting out of the navy on terminal leave next month and i'm curious how long i will have to wait
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