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  • Hello.... I have a clearance, cto all shots. 8 year military 22 years FAA, Just back from Afgan. So I am ready to go, If you hear of anything let me know.
    Your survey has been posted on the BBS. I copied your first page and put it there. I hope you get everything you need.
    Take care.
    never made it, still in medical, security - beats me they won't tell me what the problem is. what you up to?

    I just read a post that you may have gotten a job at TLH. If so, once you get there could you please let me know if they have any other positions available? I haven't even gotten picked up yet, I'm prior military and hoping to get back in though. I'm in Virginia now, but would love to get back home. If I got a position there, I'd never leave if I had a choice. Do you mind if I contact you in the future, should things work out, to get some info? Thanks.
    Hey there,
    My name is Justin Jacobs and am a CTI graduate and live in JAX area and want to get JAX center, Tower, Tracon, etc.
    We just bought a house so I wan to make sure I can get something in JAX for ATC.
    My application will be viewed on Sept. 30, 2009 (the enrollment period expires). So if you have any info. from the NATCA reps that you mentioned in a blog that would be awesome. I would really appreciate any info. that you might have. Thanks so much for your help!
    Justin Jacobs
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site! You are gay!
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