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    CTO School Versus CTI School

    Advanced ATC is the way to go. At the end of the program you come out with a CTO and a facility rating at the airport you train at. After the issuance of the certificate and rating, you have the option to either continue at that airport or go to another location within the company or pursue...
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    Facility Rating Question

    Hello everyone! Just a quick question... I keep seeing the phrase "CTO with Facility Rating". I know a CTO is a Control Tower Operator certificate, but if someone could explain the facility rating portion to me, that would be fantastic. I know facilities are rated from a scale of 5-10 (or...
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    Next Opening

    Anyone know when they are going to open the next bid for people w/o 52 weeks experience?
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    Green Check? Post Here

    No. My community will remain un-named due to the nature of this conversation.
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    Green Check? Post Here

    I too come from an online virtual aviation community that uses the most realistic procedures outlined in 7110.65. Our controllers on our server learn from SOPs created by a team of real-world ATCS's and experience virtual ATCs that take information explained in the .65 and re-word it so that...
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    2015 Hiring Announcement Rumor Mill

    Get your applications in!
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    2015 Hiring Announcement Rumor Mill

    FYI - There was an announcement that came out today. To my understanding, this one is not the normal OTS bid that is supposed to open in March per the job description:
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    Location Selection

    Gotcha. If I get to go to OKC, I want to be located somewhere in ZNY and then transfer. Eventually...KEWR.
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    Location Selection

    May be a little late to the party...but do you think KEWR would always be looking for new controllers fresh out of the academy? I figured since there is a VERY high washout rate there, they must.
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    Thanks so much!
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    Hi All, Is there any paperwork that maybe I could get a head start on before the bid coming up? Thanks!
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    New Air Traffic Control Hiring Rumor

    Re: New Hiring Rumour I completely agree! Some of us just cannot spend the money to attend a CTI school and would love to work in the air traffic control field. I have heard that March will be the last OTS and then they plan to go back to previous hiring practices.
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    Next Announcement

    Got the same info.
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    What Are My Options with Two Years Experience?

    Wasn't a predicted announcement supposed to come out in October or around now?