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Our Mission

To help inform, inspire and connect Air Traffic Controllers across the world.

What We Do

StuckMic has created and maintains a number of site features that answer questions and help educate its members about Air Traffic Control and what the occupation is all about. We continually search for more material to add to the site as well as new features to help enhance the members experience.

Our Community

The StuckMic community is comprised of many facets of the aviation industry. These members include active Air Traffic Controllers, Retired Air Traffic controllers, Current ATC Students, Potential Applicants, Pilots, and just about every other Air Traffic Control - Aircraft related field. These members are often willing to help answer your questions.

How You Can Join Us

StuckMic simpoly requires that you Register for a free account. Registration is quick, simple and can be accessed here:

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How You Can Support This Work

StuckMic offers several ways that members can help support StuckMic and its work within the Air Traffic Control community. Members can submit informational material for the site to use as well as donate their time and help moderate the website (there are always a few loose cannons who need wrangling in from time to time). In addition, they can become subscribed members and purchase a subscription to help cover the costs associated with the day to day operations of the StuckMic website, or if they choose and they can also send in a simple monetary donation of their choosing.

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We encourage our members to send in feedback on the website. If you have an idea that could help benefit the site or simply want to criticize the site, we want to hear from you. You can send us a private message using our form found here:

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