AT Selection - Training (AT-SAT) Information

Air Traffic Selection - Training (AT-SAT) Information

This is a compilation of Air Traffic Selection & Training (AT-SAT) Information throughout StuckMic and various sources across the internet.

What is the AT-SAT?

According to the FAA the AT-SAT is a computerized test battery comprised of the following eight sub-tests: Air Traffic Scenarios Test, ATST; Analogies, AY; Angles, AN; Applied Math, AM; Dials, DI; Experiences Questionnaire, EQ; Letter Factory, LF; and Scan, SC.

AT-SAT is an aptitude test and not a test of air traffic control knowledge. The goal of AT-SAT is to gauge the likelihood of success in air traffic control training and, more importantly, subsequently on the job. Seven of the eight subtests assess aspects of cognitive ability, while one, EQ, assesses issues in the personal history/personality realm. (FAA)

To help prepare you for your tests, StuckMic houses 2 games (courtesy of Jeremy Justice) that should help improve your AT-SAT score. These games will help you prepare for the AT-SAT test.

Training Games

» Air Traffic Scenarios
» AT-SAT Scan Test

Additional AT-SAT Info

The following article was posted by one of our members: Rosstafari This is one of the most in-depth explanations of the AT-SAT available on the internet. This is a long article, so make sure you browse all nine pages.

» What to Expect From the AT-SAT

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