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    Any incentive for getting certified in both enroute and terminal?

    You won’t get a transfer raise to go to a lower level. The only potential difference would be the difference in locality. There is no advantage, in pay, from going terminal to en-route or vice versa. The facility level comes into play. The controller you mentioned either became a sup, for a...
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    Premature IDENT?

    The whole purpose is to correctly identify you and keep you safe. Hypothetical question which happens more regularly with flight schools especially solo student pilots: Let’s say you’re squawking 0164 and you’re doing a touch and go at XYZ airport and have just dropped off radar coverage...
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    Premature IDENT?

    How are you being radar identified if you’re already IDENTing prior to being told to IDENT? Position correlation, being turned more than 30 degrees, new beacon code, et cetera? Your instructor is an imbecile for checking on and IDENTing prior to being told by ATC.
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    I took the survey. Question: What training would you have controllers take to potentially better communicate with non native English speakers given that there are roughly 6,500 different languages spoken in the world and ENGLISH is the language of air traffic? Seems to me that if someone can’t...
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    RPO Strike 2018

    I wish you guys the best of luck
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    Potomac TRACON - PCT

    We have been forced to take non radar experienced controllers at A80
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    Practicing Instrument Approaches in IMC

    It could be a facility or regional interpretation as this is the second facility, in the ASO, I’ve been at and we’ve always done it. Example: OVC022, MVA is 025 and pilot calls for a pop up IFR. They’re getting the spill. If it is clear and a million or a higher reported ceiling than the MVA...
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    Practicing Instrument Approaches in IMC

    That’s the only limitation to our SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) strip marking. Typically, we have more traffic going into a controlled airport so your approaches would be to the same runway (Example: ILS RWY 6, RNAV RWY 6, VOR circle to RWY 6, etc.). I’ve seen people write out the runways...
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    Practicing Instrument Approaches in IMC

    That is perfectly fine. When I have time, I’d ask you to list your approaches so I can optimize your climb out instructions and prepare where you’re going to fit it with other traffic. Basically, I’ll write a flight progress strip and list “GIRGL” or whatever you want. In that example, it would...
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    Busiest Facilities That Are NOT 24/7

    You’ll have to look for mid level facilities that aren’t a major city such as: RSW, SAV, PVD, MYR, GSP, etc.
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    Radar Tips/tricks

    Use standard speeds you can do quick math on (310,280,250,210,180) to have controlled compression when feeding your final. Know your book work (divergence, wake turbulence separation, airspace, etc.) Before you give a control instruction, know what is more important (speed, turn, descent/climb)...
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    2018-2027 ATC Plan

    Maybe those are the VRAs that were sent to higher level facilities?!?
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    Understanding the New Seniority Rule..

    So you leave the bargaining unit, come back, and want your seniority to count?!? If you pay dues now and are in good standing, submit a constitutional change and it may or may not be heard at the next convention. It will be hard to get a second when you abandoned the BUEs and took a permanent...
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    I’m not a lawyer, but you could say you did it in a state that had legalized marijuana and since it took place well outside any employment with the federal government it shouldn’t be held against you in the application process. Also, you could offer to pay for and submit to a drug test to prove...
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    Family Life and ATC

    If you’re worried about the lack of shared weekends, family events, and missed holidays, then this is not the career for you. I’ve worked every single Christmas of my entire career (9 years plus). You’ll most likely be Wed/Thu off pending certification and sit on those days off for a few years...
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    Level Difficulty (TRACON/Tower)

    We have this debate all the time at work. One guy says Grand Forks is busy, another says Vance, another says Eglin. All talking about how their RAPCON was so busy. From seeing how VRAs handle A80, I’d be willing to bet the busiest, and I mean busiest, military facilities are maybe a level 9...
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    Are Fidget Spinners Allowed in Class at the Academy?

    You haven't even made it to the actual academy yet and you're already pushing limits with vapes and fidget spinners. No, basics doesn't count as truly being at the academy as it isn't difficult at all and 99.9% of people pass it. Hopefully, you don't still try to use that fidget spinner when you...
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    Are Fidget Spinners Allowed in Class at the Academy?

    Well we can tell you're not going to pass the academy!
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    New York TRACON - N90

    That would require all new hires going to level 4s-8s and we can't have that!
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    IFR Departure Heading

    You've already given them a clearance so just tell them to turn right on course. Your facility is making this harder than it needs to be!