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    AT Basics Course

    Any idea how long the course is? I have the option to decline it but I'm debating on accepting the course. It's been 2 years since I've spoken to an aircraft and as we all know, new rules come out all the time with the add-on I've been out of the game.
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    CTO School Versus CTI School

    So I'm looking for any ATC job as I did 7 years military ATC. However I excelled in radar, and got stuck in radar as they couldn't replace me to give me time in the tower. (At the facility I was at, radar wash outs went to the tower as we would line them up and all they had to do was RWARs...
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    Fort Campbell KY ATC

    So, I received like 3 emails in the matter of 3 minutes today in regards to this job. First one said, I do not have the experience/education to qualify for GS-12 and am no longer being considered for the position. 2nd and 3rd emails looked different but had the same bottom sentences, " We have...
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    Beale AFB ATC Assistant

    So I applied for this opening last month, 2 days after it closed I got an NOR giving me a rating of 105 out of 100. The memo giving me the rating said to not call the facility. So I want to assume I am a strong candidate for the position. Anyone here work at BAB? I'd like to get some more...
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    Random Thought About the BQ

    So just looking at who did/didn't qualify just made me think... They stated that the BQ was examined by an outside party.. Does this party have ATC background? I'm kind of wondering if all of us qualified guys got disqualified because this outside party just had a key of right answers and...
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    Anyone at KLOU or KSDF?

    Looking to talk to someone at either of these facilities. Appreciate leads!
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    Military ATC to Civilian help/guidance

    I am currently still active duty, but will be getting out in November. I have no major quals that mean anything due to constantly getting shafted by the Navy. Mostly have Radar experience, Tower wise all quals except Local, which I know is the one I really need.. I will be 28 when I get out...