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    After academy time?

    Also remember, COS before reporting to your facility can effect your NATCA date. If there are others from your class going to the same facility, or another class right behind you, it might be in your better interest to report to your facility then take COS. Not to mention if you transfer down...
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    ATC and AF Reserve

    There are lots of folks in the FAA that continue to serve in the Guard or Reserve, I was in the Guard when the FAA hired me in 2008. Overall there is little issue outside of jackarse co-workers that want to complain about you getting weekends off all the time...etc. I stayed in until 2013, 5...
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    How to Fly Broke

    How to fly broke: Fly for a regional.
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    The Red X

    Silly me, when I saw the title I thought it was about the crappy eram builds that get sent out and take a dump in the middle of the day.
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    Transfer from 12 to 7 Pay?

    At one point my wife wanted me to xfer from my level 12 to a 8 two hours away...I told her she was crazy. I did some quick math and it was going to cost over 3/4 of a million over 20 years just in pay and tsp matching. That did not even go into interest on less TSP or smaller retirement...
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    Highest Facility Level Out Of Academy

    I finally figured out who you are after all these years...tattle teller.
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    Enroute Pass Rates

    You have to remember that ultimately the academy is to see how trainable you are. There is 101 ways to do ATC but only one FAA Academy way, as others have said you can belly ache till the cows come home but that won't do anything to get you to the front doors of your next facility. I have...
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    The Reality Factor of Big Mistakes, CFIT (Controlled Flight into Terrain), NTSB's View

    As said by UND and Shady we are required to use the highest of the IAF altitude or MIA/MVA. Where this guy got 2k from is something I would like to know.
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    Advice for New Hire ATC's

    Yes you earn 120 hours, 15 days, worth of military leave per year. You can use it at your pleasure for any military duty. I was in the guard and the FAA for about 5 years and there never was a year that I did not take less than 2-3 weeks of LWOP for military duty. This was due to my FAA...
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    Weather Question

    99 times out of 100 that I used it was when our TAF was out of cat and I was allowing the hub forecaster the chance to get an amendment sent before I busted their forecast. IE they did not forecast a 025 ceiling and it is happening. I could carry SCT025 with a remark of SCTVBKN or the other...
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    Anyone Guard?

    I think a lot of it also depends on the unit and type of work you do in the guard. My unit was a small 14 person flight with only one full timer, to do admin stuff. Everyone else was traditional and always came in for drills. My unit worked with me but being a Master it was hard for myself to...
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    Anyone Guard?

    I was air guard for my first 5 years in the FAA. Ultimately I made a decision to get out based on a few things, getting married with kids was the biggest factor. Always having to either work the schedule or take Military LWOP was a hassle. You do get 15 days a year of military leave..but for...
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    House Members Demand FAA Shed Light on ATC Hiring Process

    In the article it says the FAA eliminated preferred status for vets. It does the opposite imo. Before with VRA everyone should of had the 5 points make it the same across the board. Now those 5 points actually mean something and has the potential of putting you ahead of lots of non vet...
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    American Eagle Now "Envoy"

    Looks like some folks forgot to check their Cedar...
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    Control to Climb/descend Aircraft

    If you are assigning an altitude to an aircraft inside my airspace I expect a call unless it is specifically covered on paper, usually in the form of an AIT. I have seen too many times where controllers missed information such as an aircraft descending into their airspace because they expect...
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    Great Information!

    I was a USAF weather guesser for 12 years in the Guard. I got a side job with Midwest Weather in 2005 taking obs at a contract site. I got hired through networking with the senior observer at the site. After I was hired I was able to take the NWS test. When I took the test I was on top of my...
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    Assigning hard altitudes/headings to VFR A/C

    Necroposting is for the win! On this topic I had a vfr jumper climbing in my sector, at a center. There was some crossing IFR traffic I told him about at 9k. He kept slowly doing the circle climb over his jump area, and I kept telling him about the traffic and suggested he go...
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    Boeing 777 crash at KSFO

    Line from Die Hard 2 when the terrorists "adjust" the glide slope to crash a plane. I think the major news outlets have all used that same terminology on this event sadly.
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    Boeing 777 crash at KSFO

    "We have radar contact and show you on ILS, in the glide path and looking good..."
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    What are the hardest facilities to get into?

    ZME will take just about any controller from any level of facility. We will send them right back when they fail out too.