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  1. rjaeger13

    Still Possible?

    HOW DO YOU THROW DOWN ON A DEGREE AND NEVER ACTUALLY APPLY FOR THE JOB!!!! that's kind of silly bro. I agree with this guy.... 15k in the hole and you don't apply? All those news reports and you don't read up on what's going on?? Sounds like you crawled under a rock, bro.
  2. rjaeger13

    A Career in the Aviation Field

    I know there has been much heartache with the ATC debacle, but i'm curious if there's any suggestions of other avenues to go in the aviation field. I have the general CTI AA, and a separate AA in general studies. I was on track to get certified for dispatch but decided not to. Any thoughtful...
  3. rjaeger13

    Where is the Best Place to Start Getting Involved in ATC?

    RUN FAR FAR AWAY!! NEVER LOOK BACK! ha, maybe a little dramatic but i wouldn't waste your time. look at doing something more stable in the aviation field... not sure that exists but it's a start. If you're young go into dispatch, the ladder is long and you'll be moving a lot but end result is...
  4. rjaeger13

    Am I too old to become an Air Traffic Controller?

    It's not gonna happen.. i'd even stay clear of Dispatch at your age. All this is speaking from experience, i completed CTI when i was 29. I had dispatch to fall back on but when crunching numbers it just didn't add up. The dispatch ladder is tough, and you'll be looking at YEARS before you're...
  5. rjaeger13

    Should I Leave School to become an air traffic controller?

    I finished my CTI in december and my school loan repayment just kicked in.... hard to swallow the $99 a month payments for a worthless piece of paper. Every job i've applied for has breezed over that part of my education. Good for you, dropping classes was a smart decision.
  6. rjaeger13

    This Day Has Been a Long Time Coming

    Ha. This is the most legit post yet... i'm 30 years old. Asking me questions based on a 16-18 year old acne faced high school kid is weak. Stick the to facts that matter.
  7. rjaeger13

    What Are the Chances to get hired by the FAA

    If i were you, i'd put it on the back burner. I wasted 2 years getting another associates for ATC instead of finishing my BA. Huge mistake on my part, but it was different times back then. Do what you can to get a BA while you wait! FAA is a lottery, don't count on it.
  8. rjaeger13

    Any Idea On The Next Announcement?

    Ha. it's like, ok ok..... cool, dude, you were selected from a random mystical BQ set of 60 questions..... stop trying to justify WHY you were selected. If you were NOT selected you would be pissing and moaning like the rest of us..... SEAHAWKS FOOTBALL RULES! Boom.
  9. rjaeger13

    Any Idea On The Next Announcement?

  10. rjaeger13

    Senator Murray Asks Foxx About the Hiring Process

    HA. I don't think you actually listened to her questions. And the letter was actually written by a friend of mine. The intent wasn't CTI or VRA, the motive was that NONE of that was even looked at to make a decision. And for your moronic statement of entitlement...... you wanna be a lawyer?? do...
  11. rjaeger13

    Contact Your Local and National News

    Like any of this will change how the Government operates... they will do as they've always done and forge ahead. Imagine how many whiny ATC people there were back in the 80's when everyone was laid off. You think they hired everyone back?? No. They forged ahead. They will do the same here. 6...
  12. rjaeger13

    Application Status Update

    AT-SAT is a large waste of time, money, and mental energy.
  13. rjaeger13

    ATC Hiring Changes Draw Protest

    BOOM. This is it. There was no where on that Bio that recognized CTI period. My thoughts are yes, maybe CTI wasn't the best form of training. But the way i see it is ALL lawyers go through law school... WHY? cause they are told they have to. Will all law grads be good at it? no.. are there...
  14. rjaeger13

    The Final Countdown!!!

    can someone send a link to the right app, all i'm getting is ATC for department of defense
  15. rjaeger13

    Official HR Answers

    This is actually the most accurate speculation I've seen and makes the most sense. I applied for a rail conductor position here in Washington, and part of the app was a Bio review that asked all the gritty yes/no questions DUI/criminal, military, past on job experience etc etc. i was shot down...
  16. rjaeger13

    February 10th 2014 ATC Bid

    so i've been MIA for a few weeks......... what is this about transcripts?? i read through the thread but it's been so back and forth. do i need transcripts for my CTI and other schooling or what??
  17. rjaeger13

    Official HR Answers

    This was my thoughts as well... why would you hire someone with a 4 year literature degree over someone with a degree in aviation. why would Timmy the bag boy be hired over someone with on the job experience in aviation?? the BIO will weed out and give priority.
  18. rjaeger13

    Official HR Answers

    I hate to sound pessimistic but it's just my rational thinking... for those worrying about whether they have enough community college or part time work to merely qualify are gonna have a rude awakening when they aren't selected. if you figure 40k people are applying for 1500 spots, out of those...
  19. rjaeger13

    So What Was the Environment Like the First Day of School for CTI Students?

    Interesting yesterday, i had a chat with a fellow student who informed me what my professor was making... was well over 6 figures... i don't think they care
  20. rjaeger13

    Bleak Chance of Getting Picked Up in Feb Bid?

    I'd say out of 40,000 apps you'll get 5-8,000 that make it through the computer wash. The rest will be from the new AT-SAT... everyone keeps saying the more qualified the better but i don't really think anyone knows what the FAA is REALLY looking for. Couple years ago my cousin and i applied to...