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    If anyone can point me in the right direction of the KSAT NATCA rep that would be great.... Thank you.
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    ATC Consistecy Review

    Has anyone been contacted by AFPC for this review. Hoping to get a copy of the questionnaire. Thanks a lot SPS.
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    Does anyone know how to change the chime on the ETVS? PO KRND
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    San Antonio Tracon

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could share information about schedules, traffic and daily life for the controllers and any thing else you can share. Thanks Paul
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    DOD and using your GI BIll while in OJT training?

    Has anyone used there GI bill while in training for a DOD job kind of like the FAA controllers do while in OJT? Thanks
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    Final Monitor Controller

    Those who work FMC, is this considered a radar function if performed in the tower cab? At Rnd we have a FAA approach control but do the FMC in the tower it doesn't seem like a tower rating? Thoughts. Thanks
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    Are there any GS12 towers in the DOD system that anyone knows of? Trying to get my tower upgraded...
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    Computing traffic count

    I wanted some input on how some other people interpreted the traffic count formula from the GS 2152 classification guide. It says to use the 183 busiest days and then divide by 183 and hours open and that’s your number. Well I work at a two tower setup and was wondering should you take the 183...
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    CIC in the DOD

    In the DOD u get a core doc that outlines major duties, and the employer can make MINOR changes to the core doc that is provided by OPM. My question is does anyone think being a CIC is a major change?? The generic opm core doc does not talk about being a CIC, but my local core doc does. In my...
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    Natca cover dod facility

    What would it take for NATCA to cover an all civilian DOD facility?
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    GS 12 Towers????

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any GS12 towers in the DOD system, specifically non supervisory. I work at RND AFB where we rotate between two towers that grade out as GS11's (stand alone). And just curious as to what it takes to be graded as a GS12 tower. As far as I know there are not any...