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  1. Dropyourpens

    FAA Benefits and Retirement

    What benefits does the FAA offer and what's their retirement like? Trying to compare it to a contract company like RVA, so can anyone tell me what a contract company's benefits are like?
  2. Dropyourpens

    Cover Letter for Prior Experience Bid

    I know there is more than a few posts on here about resumes but I wanted to specifically ask everyone who applied to this announcement if they used a cover letter? If you did use one, did you just highlight some high points in your experience? The way Ive always felt about cover letters is that...
  3. Dropyourpens

    ATC Pay Info Here on Stuckmic

    Do the numbers include the locality or is that supposed to be calculated on top? And when the FAA talks about it or has it written, does it generally include locality or are you just supposed to figure it out?
  4. Dropyourpens

    Training in the FAA

    Im a recently separated military controller, have my CTO but was only qualified on minors downstairs. How does facility training work in the FAA? Do they choose whether you go tower or radar? If I got sent to a tower, what would my opportunities be like for radar training?
  5. Dropyourpens

    Can Someone Explain the FCT Program to Me??

    Could anyone better explain to me the FCT program as it pertains to controllers looking for jobs? Like when the RVA website lists several towers they're accepting applications for, but also lists 'FCT Program' as an option to apply for. Or am I misunderstanding and that's just applying with RVA...
  6. Dropyourpens

    Claiming Preference While Still on Active Duty

    When completing your profile on usajobs, the veteran's questions seem to get a little confusing, im currently active duty expecting to EAS in may 2014 with an honorable discharge, the questions are: 3. Are you a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces or are you eligible for "derived" preference? yes...