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    FAA Investigating If Skydiving Sex Stunt Distracted Pilot Federal Aviation Administration officials are investigating a videotaped sex stunt performed by two skydivers in California. The FAA is concerned that the pre-jump sex may have created an...

    Watchdog: Air traffic controller errors soaring

    Watchdog: Air traffic controller errors soaring - Yahoo! News Use this thread to discus this article.

    Plane hits Ferris wheel in Australia

    CANBERRA, Australia — An ultra-light plane crashed into a Ferris wheel at a rural festival in eastern Australia on Saturday, trapping two children on the ride and two adults in the aircraft for hours. There were no serious injuries. Plane hits Ferris wheel in Australia - Travel - News -

    Color Blindness Test

    Ever wonder if your color blind? Take a center or tracon tour. Look and the huge screens that are at TMU or out in the sectors. They show an overview of aircraft coming in the airspace and other information in various colors. The Alaska Flight Surgeon was at ZAN the other day and he said if you...

    10/21/2011 En Route Class

    Please post here if you receive this Academy date. I was selected In March 2011 Panel for ZOA. I am guessing the majority of this class is headed to ZOA but there may be a mix from one other Center. I have not decided where I am going to stay but I have it narrowed to Kims or something outside...

    Housing Advantage

    I have read in several different posts that the people that fail most often have a few things in common. They bring their family, stay by themselves in a non-FAA housing provider, and party too much. I understand to each their own about family and if you party too much and not focus on what...

    Jet with hockey team crashed in Russia, Killing 43

    TUNOSHNA, Russia (AP) -- A private jet carrying a Russian professional hockey team to its first game of the season crashed shortly after takeoff Wednesday, killing 43 people - including European and former NHL players - in one of the worst aviation disasters in sports history. Two people...

    Automation dulls pilots skill, Will this happen to ATC with NEXGEN?

    This is a good article the can testify that while automation helps the aviation industry a great deal, in the end it is the human component that remains necessary for the safety of the Air Traffic system. AP IMPACT: Automation in the air dulls pilot skill - Yahoo! News

    Holidays while at the Academy

    Do they hold class the day after Thanksgiving? We have November 24th off but back on the 25th. I understand it is open on the calendar so the obvious answer would be, “yes they have class that day” but I work for the ATO now and they have in the past treated it as a holiday on an admin...
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    Education level of new hires

    What is your education level? I wanted to get a sample of new hires that were hired under either CTI and OTS bids. If you want you can reply with type of degree. Bachelors degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Associates degree in Air Traffic Control from University of Alaska
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    How much per diem did you save?

    I want to know how much per diem you were able to save at the academy. When did you go, how did you do it. Do you think it's worth living outside the main housing to save the cash. For those who spent the big bucks, was the saturation of students helpful in your learning experience or just...
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    Airspace and Approach Plates

    I always find it funny when trainees make a big deal about learning the academy airspace, airport layout and various approach plates. Most are ignorant to the amount of airspace they actually need to know during stage 1 training. It is a beast. I work at anchorage center (zan) and I could fit...
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    Mind Equals Blown, an FAA Hiring story

    With March Panel updates mostly current I am curious for people to post “what blows their mind most about the hiring process.” Please use this as a forum to outlet your thoughts in a constructive manor. Let the games begin!