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  1. TimShady

    Surveilance Approach

    The position reports are meant to keep you updated on where you are relative to the final approach course. They are informational only and don’t require any action. The change to half standard rate as you get closer to the runway is meant for minor corrections as you should be more or less on...
  2. TimShady

    Maintain VFR at or Above 8000

    Well, there is an automation side of it too. When you land, your radar data tag goes into a certain list on the scope of recently landed aircraft and your flight plan is automatically removed from the system. You can ask to keep it open and the controller can “suspend” the data so it doesn’t...
  3. TimShady

    Premature IDENT?

    ^^I agree. If they say they’re identing it’s fine but if they just do it it’s kind of awkward.
  4. TimShady

    Premature IDENT?

    I see this regularly with news helicopters in the area the have permanent beacon codes. They check in with a request and ident at the same time before being told. I think they think it saves a step since they know that’s usually the first thing out of our mouth. Maybe it’s splitting hairs but...
  5. TimShady

    Maintain VFR at or Above 8000

    When you say you did touch and go’s along the way, did you stay in the pattern at any of the airports? If so, after departing the pattern there is room for confusion on whether you are now VFR and need to be recleared. I think this was a debate at my last facility but it’s been several years...
  6. TimShady

    Safety Alert on Unverified Target

    Sounds like you came on here looking for backup and didn’t like what you heard. Traffic alert isn’t always necessary but the point we’re trying to make is don’t discount the importance of it just because you don’t know exactly what the other aircraft is doing. I would argue the majority of the...
  7. TimShady

    Safety Alert on Unverified Target

    I think the idea that since a target’s altitude is unverified you can just shrug your shoulders and say there’s nothing you can do, is very dangerous. There’s a mindset that you can’t say for sure what their altitude is or which direction they’re going to turn, etc., but just watching a...
  8. TimShady

    What is 'say No to Kilo'?

    The joke comes from the fact that it can be relatively annoying when a pilot tells a controller their destination in phonetics and includes Kilo, which is generally understood and can (perhaps should) be omitted. It’s especially annoying in cases where the controller is typing in the destination...
  9. TimShady

    Airline Go-Around on Visual... Automatic 1500' Pattern Altitude?

    9 times out of 10 you’ll get a heading and altitude regardless of whether or not you were on a visual approach. ATL won’t keep you in the pattern. I’m at MDW and we very rarely keep one. Most places just treat you like a departure and you get worked back in by approach. Even if I’m going to keep...
  10. TimShady

    Rounding Numbers

    I know for intersection departures you round down to the nearest 50 feet. That's in the .65. I think I do the same if a pilot asks for landing distance but that doesn't happen nearly as often. No experience with arresting systems. Intersection departure reference is 3-7-1 paragraph d.
  11. TimShady

    Actual Up/Down Speeds at Kim's Place and Isobella's?

    It's been several years ago but I stayed at IB in 2012 and 2013 and the internet was atrocious both times. If you're single or at least going to OKC alone I'd stay at Kim's. For more reasons than just internet.
  12. TimShady

    Well, Thanks Republican-voting Controllers!

    I find it ironic that the same type of people that started this thread are also staunchly against privatization. This type of threat will always be present as employees of the government with congress making decisions about our pay and benefits. Maybe we should wait for a good deal to come along...
  13. TimShady

    1.6% Raises and Presidential Raises Question

    I'm not sure if it's any different with swaps but when I ERRed to a higher facility I got to keep my June raise, it wasn't erased when I certified. When you get half on the go, you get the other half when you certify, you don't go to the bottom of the band when you certify. For example, if you...
  14. TimShady

    Facility Swap

    Article 108. Hardships and Swaps are treated the same in that you don't receive half on the go.
  15. TimShady

    Phraseology "flight Plan Route"

    They do what they were cleared to do in their IFR clearance, which is fly a specific route to their clearance limit, usually their destination airport. I've heard older guys use that before and it's just not necessary. If it makes them feel comfortable then so be it I guess. Definitely not...
  16. TimShady

    Debating Taking This Job.

    That's easily the worst part of the job in my opinion. If you can handle the schedule, it's an awesome career. I've never met a senior controller or retiree that didn't talk about what a great career they had and how it flew by. We had one retire last week with tears in their eyes as they talked...
  17. TimShady

    ERR MOU Change Campaign

    Yeah I can't see ever working at a center. Such a night and day difference. Hopefully you guys find some success with those guys though. I really feel like there is a lot of untapped potential at the lower level facilities. I started at a 6 up/down and worked with a lot of really smart people. A...
  18. TimShady

    ERR MOU Change Campaign

    Yeah, perhaps, but where are these people? They sure aren't flooding these two facilities. For what it's worth to you guys trying to go, you should try visiting these places and meeting people if you haven't already. I don't know about N90, but C90 definitely picks up low level guys. The common...
  19. TimShady

    ERR MOU Change Campaign

    I'm not sure a waiver would solve that. Maybe it would. Doesn't seem like N90 and C90 are exactly getting the creme of the crop bidding there and essentially any CPC in the FAA is elegible to go. It's so dumb that people put paperwork in somewhere and then decline the offer, what a waste of...
  20. TimShady

    ERR MOU Change Campaign

    As of right now, the only way to get out of a "red" facility is to go to N90 or C90 since their specific release policy and return rights MOU is still in effect. Maybe they could expand that to a few more facilities. I thought I saw you guys and MIA getting 3 or 4 people per panel so far though...