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    Washington ZSE

    ZSE - Facility Swap Request
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    Transferring from Montgomery to Post 9/11 Gi Bill OJT

    My OJT benefits are about to run out using the Montgomery GI Bill. I thought I had read on here that someone was able to transfer over to the Post 9-11 GI Bill and continue to get benefits but I can't find the thread. Any help?
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    For Those That Didn't Pass the Biotest

    This was just passed on from my previous NATCA president...
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    Updated Hiring Information FY2014

    This information was sent out to us from my ATM. He had a Central district meeting in KC earlier in the week. Thought you guys might want to know what the FAA is actually thinking. 1- New Hire training in OKC set to begin in November. 2- Only about 300 new hires are projected for Terminal...
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    Not good news for people looking to be a controller

    Careers On Their Way Out (And What's Here to Stay) - Yahoo! Education
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    Let the countdown begin

    29 days til we find out the new payscale. Cross your fingers guys.
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    Controllers and marriages

    Hey current controllers, question for ya... I was having a chat with some of the ZID guys one day and they were all talking about the divorce/cheating ratio at the center. One guy said the divorce rate at the center is around 75%. I was wondering if that is an across the country thing. Any...
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    Guess the color of the new book

    Should they name the next contract the "(color) book", lets see who can correctly guess what they will call it. I'm partial to cornflower myself, but i'm gonna guess blue since it's pretty close.
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    ATTN: RPO Wannabe's

    Given the recent influx of posts about RPO jobs... Here is the website to apply for RPO jobs. Just type in Remote Pilot Currently Fort Worth Center is the only one hiring. Good luck! Oh...and you're welcome.
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    Stupid ERAM...Pt 2

    Ya, so if you don't know, my training at ZID was frozen back in January for 10 months before I was able to start training on my D-sides. All because of the lovely new center software called ERAM. (if you don't know what it is, read about it on the net). That means I was sitting around doing...
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    PUBNAT 8 is OPEN!!!! (spoof)

    ... Just kidding. I know....I'm a bastard. :D
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    We have a member of our guard unit that is also employed with the FAA that got in a motorcycle accident yesterday. He only has a 10% chance of ever walking again. If he is paralyzed from the waist down, does that mean he will never be able to pass a ATC medical exam? What are the rules for...
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    Stupid ERAM

    So ZID is one of the first centers to try to implement the ERAM system...which means I am frozen in my training until OCTOBER!! My training manager informed me yesterday I am officially frozen in my current training until October at a minimum. No D side training for me. I guess its lucky for...
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    Here are the new OKC Per Diem Guidelines

    See post #4.