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  1. mjohn47

    Ideas for Thirty Days of JetBlue

    ohhhhh i miss ammo - she was spunky and fun. who had the stick up their ass and got her banned??? i go have a life for a few months and this is what happens sheesh.
  2. mjohn47

    NATCA's Response to Media/Investigation Re: Hudson Mid-air

    Thanks for sharing the link Cirrus - really great photographs.
  3. mjohn47

    NATCA's Response to Media/Investigation Re: Hudson Mid-air

    eh i've only done it once but there's a way you can get traffic advisories from Newark if you up the altitude. It's just advisories and like you said it's all VFR. Oh - and your photo beats mine... by a ton.
  4. mjohn47

    Teaching on the side

    know a few guys that do it. most are checked out already.
  5. mjohn47

    General PV Discussion

    Re: Wanna talk PV? dude if you don't know it by the week before pv you won't know it. we went out and got drunk the weekend before pv - i'm not even joking. it's nothing new, same shit, different day. there's no worrying in aerrooocenter. just run the damn problem.
  6. mjohn47

    Feel stuck and confused

    Once an announcement is made, you will apply and your application will be reviewed. More than likely you will be eligible and asked to take the AT-SAT - a fun (heh) battery of games/questions that are supposed to determine if you have the specific cognitive skills to become an atc. There is a...
  7. mjohn47

    General PV Discussion

    Re: Wanna talk PV? You determine what level the problem is. In reality, it's a mid 20, you will make it a 32-33. My problem had 5 conflicts, all with easy solutions. You can easily make more work for yourself by trying to do more than you have to. Phone won't ring for the first 5 minutes...
  8. mjohn47

    General PV Discussion

    Re: Wanna talk PV? you walk in. you sit down. your pen shakes for about 30 seconds and then you kill it. next thing you know it's 843 on the clock and the evaluator is asking if you want a break. that's all there is to it. oh, and r-man says don't fuck up.
  9. mjohn47

    Large Dog Apartments???

    eh i'm leaving okc in 2wks. my dogs gonna kill me.
  10. mjohn47

    Stripmarking Pens....

    Mike was a fill in during basics. He was great. We had him around for about 1/2 our class time in basics.
  11. mjohn47

    Stripmarking Pens....

    I made some mike debb specials using regular bic fine points. Cut off the ends stick em together, viola. They work up in the ERTS lab (hah! something in the ERTS lab working!) as long as you don't touch the strips. A few people use fine point sharpies taped together, but it gets sorta awkward...
  12. mjohn47

    Stupid ERAM...Pt 2

    They're taking instructors away from us at the academy to send them through ERAM training too. It'll be interesting to see what happens when I get back to NY. Between the amount of us going back + ERAM, I wouldn't be suprised if we're in the same boat.
  13. mjohn47

    sry jackass i've been busy being bored in okc. radar's fuuuuuuuuuuun. until they start...

    sry jackass i've been busy being bored in okc. radar's fuuuuuuuuuuun. until they start flashing like christmas lights. that's bad...
  14. mjohn47

    Southwest Aircraft blows tire on runway

    lol @ the guy who threw his briefcase and other stuff down first then tried to chase his papers
  15. mjohn47

    Let's hear it for the pilots!

    Bingo. That's exactly the way I'm looking at it.
  16. mjohn47

    Let's hear it for the pilots!

    I have about 220hrs in a 150 and 20hrs in a 177RG (including two alternator failures in that a/c and a manual gear pump cause the battery didn't have enough juice to get them locked!). Instrument private rated and ran out of money before my comm checkride. Hopefully once I get things squared...
  17. mjohn47

    Fuel Prices and General Aviation

    I haven't flown in a year because I can't afford to put gas in the damn thing. Soon enough I'll get back to it since prices have gone down, but the past year has sucked.
  18. mjohn47

    A Little Intro (Hopefully) From a Va Highschool Senior

    Welcome to Stuck Mic. You going to VT for college?
  19. mjohn47

    StuckMic Testimonials

    Who was there when I had just applied? StuckMic. Who was there when something got botched up in the application process? StuckMic. Who was there when I was bored out of my mind waiting to get picked up? StuckMic. Who is there to entertain me after 5 hours of how to make a point out? StuckMic...