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  1. Muneco


    Is there an official or non official medical do's and don'ts I can print somewhere? Edit: Never mind I found something here
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    Attn: all housing providers

    Is Isola dropping the rates as well? I know they charge the max too! This is from the faa website: "The FAA Academy will pay for commercial lodging costs for Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS) New Hires (ONLY applies to ATCS New Hires) attending Courses 50043, 50143, 50046, 50145, 50146...
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    Enroute Basics & Initial Course Peer Locator

    Attn: Enroute applicants. Choose when you will be entering! :) Just view this poll to see who will be in your next class!
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    Info about class numbers for FY11

    Back to my fellow CTI applicants, did any of you who are waiting for a class date find out info about the new class numbers? What was told to me is that there will only be 12 seats for basics and 12 seats for initial. Initial will have there own "CTI" class which will be after Jan of 2011. I...
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    CTI w/TOLs have to wait for OTS first?

    Wow so I just found out that OKC is trying to fill in classes with OTS applicants first before issuing CTI students a class date. WTF! I was told by my HR rep that they were to have applicants who are OTS be given priority for the basics class. This means that if they select 12 kids for basics...
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    CTI Poll

    I haven't done one of these in a while, but please feel free to vote. I want to see what is going on with us CTI, who has gotten picked, who was not. This poll is for the fiscal year 09/10 (TOLs). I figure I close the poll on Oct 2010 (new year)
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    Email from HR

    Did anyone receive an email asking to send in the official school transcripts?
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    I thought to post here if anyone got their FOL yet. I have received my TOL in June 2009. I am CTI, was recently cleared for OKC. Just waiting on a class date. Anyone else recently get a FOL? Your post will keep us informed if FOLs are going out for CTI.
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    Still Waiting?

    Anyone from pubs 3/4 still waiting for an OKC date? If so state your pubnat (3 OR 4) and duty location.
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    Chicago and Atlanta's PEPC w/FOL

    This poll (well sort of) is to see who received a FOL from the Chicago (June 09) and Atlanta PEPC and/or academy date. So if you have a date and/or a FOL vote here! If you did not get one yet, wait until you do and then vote here. All those who said yes, your username will appear if you click...
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    Medical Clearance

    I thought to create a new post. Once you find out you got cleared please post it here so we can all start calling. I just called today 07/15 and was told to call back in 30 days and that no one from the 06/22 PEPC has been cleared yet. Ughh
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    Q&A OPM Background Investigation

    GENERAL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT Office of Personnel Management (OPM) BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS Q. Why are you going to investigate me? I'm only applying for an entry level job and I don't need a security clearance. A. The interests of the national security require that all persons...
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    Background Investigation Question

    I cant find the post where someone said that their friends were receiving the letters asking how they know the applicant and what not so I created this post. If our friends receive this letter does this mean that our medical and psych cleared? I mean why send out letters to people to fill out...
  14. Muneco

    CTI vs Basics?

    I heard CTI grads might have to attend basics. This true? Source was an unsure career's rep.
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    Stuckmic PEPC Meet & Greet Hyatt Regency O'Hare 6/21

    Hello all and welcome to the Chicago PEPC (June 09) Stuckmic Meet & Greet that will be held on June 21st 2009 at 8pm at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare main bar, which is the same hotel Stuckmic members are using for their stay in Chicago...
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    Chicago PEPC - June 2009

    Please vote only if you received confirmation for the June 2009 Chicago PEPC. Maybe we could all get to meet and greet one another. Clicking on the number allows you to see names. Thanks
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    FAA Pay?

    Ok here is a question. Does anyone know how the salary ranges work for new hires? What I mean by ranges are the min/max payout. Lets say for example the min/max for a CPC is 50k min/100k max. As a new hire, making it to CPC, will I ever see the 100k mark? Is that only for current controllers...
  18. Muneco

    Jacksonville Center - ZJX

    Anyone have any information about this facility? Anyone work here? Just wondering....thanks.
  19. Muneco

    ATO notification

    ATO notification email! Check your emails. I got mine today.
  20. Muneco

    Irregular Heartbeat disqualify?

    During the medical, can an iregular heartbeat disqualify you or do you have to show signs of heart disease? I can't seem to locate this info from the FAA. It just shows that if you show signs of heart disease it is grounds for disqualification. This issue came up during a convo with a...